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Gosebo Mathope
2 minute read
12 Dec 2017
1:29 pm

WATCH: ‘They took a R300 bribe from my driver’

Gosebo Mathope

A businessman led the EMPD officers to a spot where he alleged the bribe money was stashed, and when he told them he was calling the 'police', they drove away.

A video has gone viral on social media showing what appears to be an owner of a trucking company accusing traffic officers of extorting a bribe from his truck driver on Vereeniging Road in Alberton, in Ekurhuleni.

In a previous video that went viral, two traffic officers from Ekurhuleni municipality were suspended after they were shown literally ‘eating’ money at the back of their car wearing their official uniform.

The vehicle in the video bears the branding of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD) and the police uniform resembles that of the metro’s police unit.

In the recent bribery incident, the first video shows the businessman informing two officers that his driver was on the scene a short while ago and that bribery money exchanged hands. He says his driver paid R300, and demands to know what it was for.

He informs the officers he will call the driver back to the scene, as he was presumably nearby, so he can point out who took the bribe.

“You can come here. You see there,” the man says as he leads the two officers to nearby shrubs and lawn to show them where the money was allegedly dropped.

“Nah, I don’t have anything here. There is nothing. I didn’t put anything. There is nothing. I just want to urinate. There is nothing,” one officer says as he tries to unzip his pants.

Moments later the businessman retrieves bank notes discarded on the lawn. “And then this?” the businessman asks as he shows the money.

The accused traffic officer immediately denies knowledge of the money or who it belongs to: “No, it’s yours that one. I didn’t do anything.” One of the officers can he heard saying: “A re vayeng [let’s go].”

The second video shows the businessman saying he found the money in the bush and that he will now call the police. He tells the traffic officers he is calling the police and that they should remain on the scene.

They refuse to do so and proceed to drive away. The video pans to the registration number of the vehicle, and despite several warnings that the entire exchange is recorded, the police officers drive away.



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