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Tinashe Venge
1 minute read
3 Mar 2018
12:40 pm

Criselda calls for boycott of Food Lovers Market over abuse video

Tinashe Venge

Will you be joining Criselda and others in boycotting Food Lovers Market?

EDUCATOR. Criselda Kananda is the new ambassador of the annual Fezile Dabi HIV/Aids Benefit Concert. Picture: Valentina Nicol

Nobody was laughing when comedian, David Kau, shared a video of a Food Lovers Market staff member being abused by his management team… least of all, Criselda Dudumashe

David Kau drew attention to an incident that has gone viral since he posted the video on his Twitter page. Criselda Dudumashe responded swiftly and demanded that action be taken against all involved.

In the video, a man (who is believed to be one of the store managers) can be seen attempting to choke a junior staff member, whose name has been confirmed to be Banele Mdingazwe.

After the older man releases his choke hold, Banele finds his feet only to be struck numerous times by two other men before eventually being escorted out of the room.

The video made for disturbing viewing, and David Kau could not hide his contempt when he wrote on Twitter: “Clearly this s*** is not going to stop anytime soon… an employee Banele Mdingazwe at Food Lovers Market was severely assaulted and choked by 1.Daneilo 2.Bertus 3.Nish.”

As soon as she caught wind of this incident, Criselda Kananda took to Twitter to slam the supermarket chain and called on new Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, to ensure that something was done. She even threatened to boycott them altogether:


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