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Ilse de Lange
2 minute read
9 May 2018
6:25 am

Gangster girlfriend reveals how she helped dump ex-cop’s body

Ilse de Lange

Estelle Reddy testified she had to have sex with her boyfriend while the body was still in the house to prove that she loved him.

From left, murderers Estelle Reddy, Gerhard Papenfus and Kevin Johnson. Picture: Ilse de Lange

A Pretoria woman was so terrified of her gangster boyfriend that she helped him get rid of the body of a former senior police officer he had murdered in March 2016 .

Estelle Reddy, 36, yesterday admitted to the High Court in Pretoria that she had helped her boyfriend, Gerhard Papenfus, 42, to clean up the scene where former brigadier Danie Dreyer, 62, was murdered in his house in Villieria. She also helped him to stuff the body down a manhole.

Reddy, Papenfus, Kevin Johnson and Ruan Furst have pleaded not guilty to charges including murdering and robbing Dreyer, and setting his house alight.

Reddy said Papenfus had previously threatened to kill Dreyer after Dreyer, in whose house she was living, refused to give him money.

Reddy was in Laudium when Papenfus phoned and asked for the PIN codes to Dreyer’s bank cards, which she supplied because she was afraid he might be torturing Dreyer.

When Papenfus came to pick her up, he told her Dreyer had “moved on”, meaning he was dead. He said it was “an accident” as he thought Dreyer had a heart attack while he, Johnson and Furst beat him up “a little bit” while trying to rob him.

Reddy helped Papenfus and the others to clean up Dreyer’s room, where she saw blood splatters on the wall and pools of blood on the floor.

She said she was afraid of Papenfus, as he had threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

She had sex with Papenfus at Dreyer’s house – with the body still there – because he demanded proof that she still loved him and she wanted to keep the peace.

She never saw the body as it had already been wrapped in bedding, but later helped to transport it to Papenfus’ house.

The trial continues.

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