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Jantji Ngwenyama
2 minute read
6 Jun 2018
2:49 pm

Johannesburg high school principal killed in cash-in-transit heist

Jantji Ngwenyama

Police Minister Bheki Cele visited his family in Olifantsfontein on Monday afternoon.

Christopher Mathebula (47) of Olifantsfontein was killed during a cash-in-transit heist on Friday evening. Photograph: Facebook

A high school principal died in hospital after being hit by a stray bullet in a cash-in-transit (CIT) heist on the R21 near Olifantsfontein on Friday evening, Kempton Express reports.

Christopher Mathebula, 47, was the principal of Northview High School in Highlands North and was on his way home.

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He was driving behind the CIT vehicle when robbers approached the CIT vehicle and started shooting randomly at vehicles in close proximity of the cash van. Mathebula was unfortunately hit by a stray bullet.

Police Minister Bheki Cele visited his family on Monday afternoon. Accompanied by a senior delegation from the provincial police, Cele said they met with the family. “We have seen the relatives including uncles, nephews and, most importantly, his wife.

“You can understand why she is depressed given the situation. We have also met the people who are responsible for the investigation,” said Cele.

Cele said the case had been highly prioritised.

He said there were things police could follow up on and that they did not have an option, but to be on the ground protecting civilians.

“It is even more painful that this person had nothing to do with the crime. He happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Cele.

“We are unleashing all our special units from the barracks. Everybody will be on the roads. The nation cannot wait any longer because of the things that are happening.

Police minister Bheki Cele said police would win the battle against cash in transit heists. Police minister Bheki Cele visiting the family of the victim killed in a cash-in-transit heist. Photograph: Jantji Ngwenyama

‘We are all angry, but we still have to make sure that we do things properly so that we are able to turn the situation around and win,” he told gathered media representatives.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Mpho Malunga told The Tembisan that the family was not coping well with the ordeal.

“We have requested the minister to find those people for us so that we can find closure as a family; it is very important to us,” said Malunga.

Mathebula leaves behind four children, his wife, his two younger brothers and his mother.

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