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Andile Dlodlo
1 minute read
5 Jul 2018
11:46 am

Police caution Ford Ecosport owners to take note of new crime trend

Andile Dlodlo

The police have also reminded all motorists to take the necessary precautions when parking their vehicles in public areas.

Linden police cautions owners of Ford Ecosport's that criminals are targeting their vehicles in public parking areas. Photo: CC Search.

Police are urging motorists to take note of the surge in theft from motor vehicles, reports Randburg Sun.

Linden police have warned especially Ford Ecosport owners of the increase in cases of theft from these specific vehicles.

Linden Police Station spokesperson Constable Takalani Matumba said: “Drivers’ doors are being damaged to gain access into the car when parked in various public parking areas.”

The police also reminded all motorists to always take the necessary precautions when parking their vehicles in public areas. Crime-related incidents are still a reality, and motorists need to do their part to reduce the risk of being victims.

The following precautions should be exercised at all times:

  • Ensure all your windows are closed.
  • Ensure all the doors to your vehicle are closed and locked.
  • Attempt to open the door of your vehicle after locking it to ensure that it hasn’t been jammed.
  • Do not leave any belongings in sight. This includes charging cables and sunglasses.
  • Try to leave as few valuable items in the car as possible. Leave laptops and cameras at home or the office before going to shopping centres and gym.
  • Never leave any personal identification in the vehicle.
  • Do not park in secluded areas. Rather park in heavily-trafficked and monitored places.
  • Refrain from leaving your car running, even if there’s someone in the car at the time.

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