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23 Aug 2018
12:15 pm

Comedian faces backlash over his Adam Catzavelos video

Citizen Reporter

Some have accused David Kau of classicism after a video he released reacting to Adam Catzevalos' racism made fun of car guards.

David Kau. Picture: supplied.

On Talk Radio 702 on Thursday, it was mentioned that comedian David Kau had received a backlash after releasing a video making fun of businessman Adam Catzavellos’ racist rant.

Earlier we reported that videos by Kau, Tats Nkonzo, Chris Forrest, Rob van Vuuren and others were being widely shared on social media under the hashtag #AdamCatzavelosChallange.

Some have loved the challenges, including journalist Max Du Preez, who said they had lifted his “deep depression about racism” in South Africa.

However, there are some who have reacted negatively, particularly to Kau’s video, which some have said shows classism in its making fun of car guards. You can watch the video here.

On 702 it was mentioned that some felt it’s too soon to make fun of the issue, and that Kau would more likely get away with it because as a comedian making fun of important issues comes with the territory and because Kau himself is black.

This does not seem to fit with the reality of the situation, as white comedians Chris Forrest and Rob Van Vuuren among those who have posted their own videos without receiving any backlash.

Kau spoke to The Citizen, telling us that he feels the backlash is just “Twitter being Twitter” and that he’s “not going to lose any sleep over it.”

He says the wide majority of those who saw the videos found them funny, and that he can’t focus on the few who don’t.

“As a comedian, you always think of the one guy who doesn’t laugh even if thousands were laughing.”

He added that on Twitter your words get amplified to people who don’t follow you and that his followers would most likely find the video funny.

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“I don’t mind if some people don’t find it funny,” he added.

We asked Kau what he thinks about those who say it’s wrong to make fun of car guards because it shows classism and is an example of “punching down”.

“The same people who say I shouldn’t make fun of car guards are the ones who will tomorrow say I can’t make fun of security guards or domestic workers, and then I have nothing left to joke about because that’s your life,” he said.

“It’s the same brief they give you at a corporate event, don’t make fun of this or that.

Who’s to decide that car-guards can’t be made fun of, you don’t know what kind of relationship I have with them, who’s to say I don’t give them 100 Rand every day? You can’t tell me how to feel about another person”, Kau said.

Kau’s clear ambivalence towards the furore has not stopped people from tweeting negativity at him:

Not everyone was offended by the video though, with many saying they found it funny. Some even used the video as an opportunity to start a discussion on car guards.

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