Marizka Coetzer
2 minute read
27 Jan 2021
4:35 am

Drive to revive river

Marizka Coetzer

Poly island formed by trees falling over, creating natural litter trap, says official.

Hennops Revival clean up the Hennops river as it flows throught the Irene Country Club, 20 October 2020. Hennops revival is a NPO that dedicates itself to cleaning the Hennops river and creating awareness of this natural resource as well as creating jobs for the surrounding communities. Picture: Neil McCartney

More than 300 bags of recyclables were removed from a poly island which acts as a natural litter trap in the Hennops River in Centurion. Experts warn the heap of litter may be bad for the communities in the long run. Over the past weekend, the Hennops Revival organisation, along with other volunteers, removed about 330 bags from the poly island, of which 150 bags were just bottles and the remaining 180 bags of polystyrene. “It’s bizarre out there. That poly island has been at the bottom end of the Royal Hotel for years. There was another one there for...