Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
4 minute read
20 Feb 2021
7:26 am

PICS: Celebrating rescue efforts this World Pangolin Day

Nica Richards

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital has been saving pangolins nabbed during seizures for the past four years, boasting a rehabilitation success rate of 80%.

Tot the pangolin pup. Tot's mother was rescued and had Tot while being treated at the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital. Picture: Michel Bega

The prehistoric pangolin first popped on conservation radars about a decade ago, for all the wrong reasons.  Before we knew what they were, ground pangolins happily went out their business of burrowing for insects and occupying empty burrows, while black-belied pangolins found safety in lush tree canopies.  Now, we know them to be the most trafficked non-human mammal in the world, without knowing how many are left in the wild.  This makes rescue efforts of a select few NGOs and veterinarians even more important.  ALSO READ: Too early to know if pangolins spread Covid-19, say experts The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary...