Eric Naki
Political Editor
3 minute read
23 Jul 2021
4:51 am

Poor handling of attempted insurrection raises security fears

Eric Naki

ANC stalwart and former intelligence minister, Ronnie Kasrils, who served under Thabo Mbeki, asked Ramaphosa to act on the Mufamadi panel report to deal with the dysfunctional intelligence apparatus.

Picture: Neil McCartney

The poor handling of the recent attempted insurrection by the country’s spooks has raised fears of worsening securityenvironment in South Africa and the entire region, especially with ongoing terrorism in northern Mozambique. Security expert Prof Jakkie Cilliers called for the recruitment of a specialist with no political affiliation to run the country’s intelligence. He highlighted how solid professionalism was displayed by former apartheid era National Intelligence Service headed by Dr Niel Barnard, a professor recruited from the University of the Free State. Cilliers, writing in the latest Institute for Security Studies newsletter, said it’s clear that South Africa’s failing security...