Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
2 Sep 2021
8:40 am

Road to hell: Addict trying to clean up and reconnect with family

Hein Kaiser

Many will never let their pets live under such conditions.

33-year-old beggar Chenelle. Photo: Supplied

It’s closer to a shelter than a shack, but 33-year-old beggar Chenelle calls it home. She shares the two square metre sticks and tarpaulin corner of Kempton Park with four other people – each with a tiny piece of dry they call their own “space”. Next to home, a pile of recyclables on the one side and on the other, a pile of ash where she says uniforms raided and burnt their meagre possessions a few days prior. “They said we’re not allowed to be here, so they set our stuff on fire to chase us away.” Her first trip...