Cheryl Kahla
Deputy Online News Editor
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1 Oct 2021
8:10 am

Level 1 lockdown adjustments: Here’s what you can and can’t do

Cheryl Kahla

President Cyril Ramaphosa moved the country to adjusted lockdown level 1 on Thursday evening.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday evening announced the implementation of an adjusted level 1 lockdown.

This comes after South Africa emerged from the third wave of Covid-19 which lasted more than 130 days – two weeks longer than the previous Delta variant-driven wave.

Here’s what you can and can’t do under adjusted level 1.

Adjusted level 1: What is prohibited?

Are gatherings allowed?

Ramaphosa eased the restrictions on gatherings. The number of people allowed to gather indoors has increased from 250 to 750.

Meanwhile, outdoor gatherings have been increased from 500 to 5,000. Smaller venues may still only accommodate 50% of their capacity.

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Patient visitation and funerals

Visits to senior facilities and care facilities will be restricted. While funerals are allowed, attendance will be limited to 100 and all attending must adhere to prevention protocols.

That means keeping your distance, wearing your mask at all times and sanitising. Night vigils and “after-tears parties” are still forbidden.

May I stay out later? Clubbing?

Yes, but only a little longer. The curfew – which was set from 11pm to 4am – has now been extended to 12am. So yes, you may stay out later, but only for one hour.

No, nightclubs are still off-limits.

The country’s land borders will remain closed for the time being, with the exception of specific border posts.

May I buy alcohol?

Yes, the sale of alcohol for offsite and onsite consumption will now be permitted throughout the week.

However, no sale of alcohol will be allowed after 11pm.

May I eat at a restaurant? 

Yes, but non-essential establishments such as bars and restaurants will have to close by 11pm. However, Ramaphosa said:

“Where the venue is too small to accommodate these numbers with appropriate social distancing, then no more than 50% of the capacity of the venue may be used. This includes restaurants, bars, taverns and similar places.”

More jab, less lockdown

Ramaphosa urged South Africans and everyone living in the country to get the jab as soon as possible, saying “new freedoms are within our reach”.

“We will only be able to get there if we all vaccinate. Today we have administered over 17 million vaccines, with more than 8 million people fully vaccinated.”

Ramaphosa said if the majority of the South African population is vaccinated, the country can be declared as a safe destination. Tourism may even resume in summer.

“We can resume sporting events and concerts, lift restrictions on restaurants and bars, and encourage people to return safely to their workplaces, shops and public spaces”.