Eric Naki
Political Editor
2 minute read
14 Oct 2021
7:34 am

Change Party calls on Ramaphosa to clarify mandatory vaccination policy

Eric Naki

Molokomme said his party expected Ramaphosa to reiterate the statement he made that noone would be forced to vaccinate.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has been called upon to stop dithering while Rome is burning – and must break his and the Cabinet’s silence on the mandatory vaccination policy.

Change Party president Lesiba Molokomme challenged Ramaphosa to make a public statement whether his government supported it or not and not leave citizens in limbo.

“It’s about time President Ramaphosa and his Cabinet break their deadly silence regarding Covid mandatory vaccination policy and stop watching the nation plunging into sour divisions. It can’t be good governance when the president steers clear of the issue while South Africans are raising issues of constitutional importance,” he said.

Molokomme said his party expected Ramaphosa to reiterate the statement he made that noone would be forced to vaccinate.

“We expect him to assure South Africans that their constitutional right to freedom of choice is protected,” he said.

“He also should address the issue of vaccine certificates and explain why should people not see this as a machinery to compel them to vaccinate.”

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Molokomme said the Change Party position was that democracy should not be wavered because of fear.

“The people’s right to choose whether or not to vaccinate should be protected.”

This as neither Ramaphosa and nor any of his Cabinet members had uttered a single word on controversial mandatory vaccinations. Some organisations, institutions and businesses are beginning to enforce mandatory vaccines, with some considering barring non-vaccinated individuals from their premises.

Wits University is among those that propose to implement mandatory vaccination for anyone visiting its premises – which the student representative council vehemently opposed, saying the choice should be left to an individual.

The University of the Free State is also set to implement the mandatory vaccination policy. Change Party, which is contesting in the Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni metros in the 1 November elections, believes it is important that the state has a clear stance on the issue so as guide the citizenry.

“People have to make informed choices guided by the president, like he has been doing with his family meetings on lockdown updates,” said Molokomme.

“We need clarity as voters, otherwise we are in the dark on mandatory vaccination.”

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On 9 October, the party launched its election manifesto in Kempton Park. It promised to hire additional nursing staff at clinics to reduce long queues.

“Change will ensure homeless children get proper shelters and that none is on the streets. Everyone has a right to a shelter.”

He said municipal jobs shall be for every deserving South African citizen.

“We will end the job-forfriends scheme. We will ensure a clean environment by consistent refuse removal and will make sure that the decades-long sewage spillages are dealt with,” Molokomme said.