Baby boy delivered in a clothing store

The woman went into labour while waiting for a store to open.

A healthy baby boy was delivered inside a clothing store on Wick Street in Verulam, in Durban, after a 24-year-old woman went into labour while waiting for the store to open earlier this morning, Phoenix Sun reports.

The mother and her healthy baby born were transported to hospital.

At about 8.58am, members of local security company Reaction Unit were called out to the local clothing store in the CBD after being informed of the incident. Dedicated RUSA paramedics were immediately dispatched to the scene to assist the woman.

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Management of the store closed the premises after a crowd had gathered outside. According to a report issued by RUSA, employees of the store then assisted paramedics while they delivered the baby.

The adorable baby, weighing 1.9kg, was delivered at about 9.14am. “Both the mother and child were then transported to Osindsweni Hospital,” the report read.

RUSA extended their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the staff of the store for their assistance.

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