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Beautiful police officers not here to ‘quench your thirst’, says Mbalula

If you're thirsty, buy Schweppes, drink it and stop bothering him, says the police minister.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has taken to Twitter to outline what the duties of the South African Police Service (SAPS) officers are.

Mbalula was responding to a Twitter user who tweeted him a picture of a policewoman in uniform and asked where she was stationed.

“I need to do an affidavit,” he added.


However, the minister saw through the Twitter user and told him exactly what he needed to hear. He reminded the Twitter user that police officers were there to protect citizens, not what he had in mind.

“SAPS officers are here to protect you, not to quench your thirst. Buy [Schweppes] drink, have a sip and don’t bother the Minister,” he told him.


However, it seems even ANC national executive committee member Tony Yengeni has noticed all these police officers who have been the talk of the Twitter streets. Responding to Mbalula, he said he was in the “wrong business”, as “the police service seems more appealing”.

Some of his followers only laughed at Mbalula’s clap back, while some said they too wanted to certify (or satisfy?) copies at the station the police officer was stationed at.

This was not the minister’s first interaction with followers about attractive women in uniform. Recently, Mbalula appeared to playfully upload a picture of a beautiful SAPS officer, with this warning to men: “Careful guys, you will be arrested.”

With the way her hand is positioned, it could give the impression that she has just blown someone a kiss, though it appears to be some sort of drill exercise, because there is another officer behind her who also has her hand showing palm up.

While one user immediately warned Mbalula he was being “inappropriate” (he was told by another user to improve his sense of humour, though it’s a sentiment that was widely shared), other men were quick to catch the minister’s meaning, and joked that he was continuing with his “yellowbone” policy.

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