CNN reports that SA’s ‘white genocide’ brigade is preparing for a ‘race war’

The American news network has done a detailed report on right-wing South Africans who may have influenced Trump on land.

In an exclusive investigation, CNN has looked at US president Donald Trump’s views on land in South Africa and which far-right elements in South Africa may be informing them.

The resulting article focuses mainly on far-right extremist group Suidlanders, who the news network said was preparing for an all-out “race war”. They are led by Simon Roche.

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Roche toured the US for six months in 2017, attending conferences linked to the so-called US alt-right.

AfriForum, who also traveled to the US to lobby for their cause and said they believed they’d “played a role” in Trump’s concern over the land situation and farm murders here, were also interviewed.

Trump took to Twitter in August, announcing his attention to “closely study” the land situation in SA.

“I have asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large-scale killing of farmers. South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers,” Trump said in his tweet.

Trump’s concern over the land issue in South Africa appears to be motivated by a report on Fox News by Tucker Carlson. According to Washington Post reporter John Hudson, Carlson’s clip took Mike Pompeo to task for not criticising SA’s land reform policies. A Carlson segment on Fox about the issue was broadcast shortly before Trump’s tweet.

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Some have also suggested that Trump may have been influenced by the South African right on this issue, whether directly or indirectly through their influencing of outspoken right-wing Americans. This appears to be what led to CNN’s interest in the issue and their investigation.

CNN also spoke to EFF leader Julius Malema, who repeated sentiments expressed earlier this year on Turkish TV channel TRT World that he and his party were not calling for the slaughter of white people “for now”.

The full report can be read here.

The Citizen reported yesterday that CNN has also conducted an exclusive interview with president Cyril Ramaphosa, who called Trump’s views on the SA land situation “ill-informed” and said he has been influenced by “fringe groups” lobbying in the US.

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