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24 Oct 2020
6:29 pm

Move One Million demands action from ConCourt against those ‘who consider themselves above the law’

News24 Wire

The organiser planned to hand over a memorandum.

Picture: Twitter

Move One Million members marched to Constitution Hill to urge the Constitutional Court to take action against those “who consider themselves above the law”.

The organiser planned to hand over a memorandum to urge the Chief Justice to ensure the rights of South Africans were upheld.

The memorandum sought to ensure the court “deals with those who are guilty of denying the majority of South Africans their basic rights”.

The Move One Million movement has marched to Constitution Hill in Johannesburg to call on the Constitutional Court to hold those responsible for state capture accountable.

Members of the movement also marched to Parliament in Cape Town, to hand over the same memorandum.

The organisation, led by Roberto Pietropaolo and Johnny Lawler, presented the memorandum “by way of reminding and demanding from the Chief Justice, the president, the Constitutional Court and all those responsible for the governance of South Africa, about the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution that each South African citizen is entitled to”, said spokesperson Joanita van Wyk.

The memorandum called on the Chief Justice to hold accountable those “whose actions… have resulted in the destruction and capture of our government and our economy”.

“Hold accountable those guilty of the mismanagement of government and public funds. Hold accountable those who are guilty of bribery and corruption regardless of their position or the office of power which they hold,” the memorandum stated.

According to the organisation, South Africans had suffered “at the hands of those who consider themselves above the law”.

“To restore faith in our leadership, now, more than ever, the people of South Africa need action. We need comfort in the knowledge that we will no longer be victims of the very laws designed to protect us.

“Our rights must be protected. This can only be achieved by the actions of the Constitutional Court, by the way it deals with those who are guilty of denying the majority of South Africans their basic rights and liberties,” read the memo.

The organisation believed millions of South Africans had been robbed of basic human rights “through gross mismanagement, poor leadership and corruption”, which had led to a “lawless society marred by poverty, crime and division of our people”.


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