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10 Oct 2019
6:55 pm

Nurse who allegedly made love rival eat dog faeces no longer works at Tygerberg Hospital

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Williams allegedly forced someone to eat dog faeces after accusing her of having sex with her boyfriend.

Image: Screenshot.

Cape Town theatre nurse Elizabeth Williams, who is accused of forcing a love rival to eat dog faeces, is no longer employed by Tygerberg Hospital.

Williams, who is out on bail of R5,000, had tendered her resignation after a video of the incident went viral on July 31, with a 24-hour notice period.

On Thursday, hospital spokesperson Laticia Pienaar said her resignation was not initially accepted as the Public Service Act required a minimum period of one month’s notice.

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Williams allegedly forced Ivodene van Niekerk to eat dog faeces after accusing her of having a sexual relationship with her boyfriend, Franco “Jubie” Booysen, who is understood to be back in jail for violating his parole conditions in an unrelated incident.

Van Niekerk was also allegedly threatened with having dogs bite her private parts, beaten, subjected to home blood testing and told to swallow two “abortion pills”.

Pienaar said allegations relating to missing instruments or tablets could not be confirmed.

“The conditions around the police investigation did not allow for the hospital to report the matter to the South African Nursing Council [SANC] at the time. This process will only start now to give the SANC the opportunity to investigate,” she added.

During Williams’ bail application in the Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court, the hospital’s head of administration, Philip Wolfaard, told magistrate Bukiwa Sambudla that she faced possible suspension for bringing the hospital into disrepute and could also face disciplinary action if reported to the SANC.

The Daily Voice reported that Sambudla had scrapped Williams’ 24-hour house arrest on Monday.

Sambudla reportedly said it was in the court’s view not in the interest of justice to allow Williams to work with the vulnerable, including children, the sick or disabled.

Williams, Princess Gopie, Porcha Jonkers, Amber Booysen and Desmond Alexander were charged following the attack on Van Niekerk.

The Elsies River woman is accused of threatening Van Niekerk with her two dogs, saying in Afrikaans they would “bite out your vagina”.

Van Niekerk was allegedly beaten with a knobkerrie and forced to eat dog faeces from a clear bag after being warned not to vomit “because her kitchen is clean”.

Afterwards, Williams reportedly took the two dogs and Van Niekerk to Jonkers’ house and got into an argument with Jonkers, also for allegedly sleeping with her boyfriend.

She then allegedly assaulted her with a dog chain. Jonkers said she almost lost consciousness when Williams allegedly tried to strangle her with it, but Gopie intervened.

Williams allegedly took the dog faeces that she had brought with her, threw it on the ground and made Van Niekerk eat it again.

Van Niekerk was also allegedly hit with the knobkerrie.

The case has been postponed to November 22.

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