Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
11 May 2020
3:11 pm

Cele says pineapple and yeast fly off shelves, with concerns about safety of ‘home brews’

Gopolang Moloko

The increased rate of certain kinds of criminal activity under level 4 lockdown restrictions may motivate government to impose different lockdown levels in different areas, according to Police Minister Bheki Cele.

Police Minister Bheki Cele. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

While in Pietermaritzburg on Monday, Cele noted the alarming increase rate of crime across the country while it was under Covid-19 lockdown level 4.

There seemed to be some confusion for the public about the different levels of restrictions, Cele noted.

“Under level 5 restrictions … 10 people were arrested for alcohol-related offences. However, since the start of level 4 of the restrictions, almost 60 people were arrested” for alcohol-related cases.

The offences covered the dispensing, selling and distribution of alcohol, and the transporting of alcohol.

“We can recommend places to be level 4 while others remain level 5.”

There were more offences under level 4 of the lockdown restrictions, which was concerning, according to the minister, as some people were clearly not complying with the regulations.

Cele had earlier warned those who misbehave that a reversal to stricter Covid-19 lockdown restrictions would be easy to do after hordes of people were seen not adhering to lockdown regulations soon after the country went into level 4.

While on the issue of regulations, Cele repeated the fact that the commercial prohibition on alcohol had eased the rate of casualties for healthcare workers.

The non-sale of alcohol had, however, given rise to people trying to brew their own liquor. There had been an increase in pineapple and yeast sales, he added.

Police had visited places reported to be selling unknown foreign agents as an alternative to alcohol, and he mentioned concerns that battery acid was ending up in these “alternatives”.

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