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28 Aug 2021
8:28 am

DNA testing underway six years after woman allegedly dismembered husband

Citizen Reporter

A brutal murder that took place six years ago, thought to be a missing persons case, has taken a gruesome turn.

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A woman accused of murdering and dismembering her husband six years ago made her first court appearances earlier this week. 

The brutal murder of Prosper Chipungare took place six years ago, on 28 July 2015. 

North West police said the couple got into an argument on that fateful Tuesday. It is alleged Nancy Majonhi picked up a hammer during the fight and repeatedly struck Chipungare until he fainted. 

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She told police she then hacked his body to pieces with a spade, and disposed of the body parts in three different pit toilets near the rented room where they stayed, in Ledig near Sun City in the North West. 

After the alleged murder, Majonhi then cleaned the room where the incident took place, and went to the Sun City police station to report her husband as missing. 

After reporting her husband missing, she then left for Zimbabwe. 

Police said the reason this new information surfaced so many years later was because Majonhi had only recently confessed the alleged crime to her family, including her in-laws, in Zimbabwe. 

The families subsequently arranged to travel to the Sun City police station with Majohni in tow, for her to hand herself over to police. 

Police were then faced with the tedious task of sifting through the areas earmarked by Majohni where Chipungare’s body parts were dumped.

They found a skull and bones, which are currently undergoing DNA testing.

So far, Majohni has made two appearances in the Mogwase Magistrate’s Court for a murder charge. 

Compiled by Nica Richards