Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
4 minute read
21 Apr 2020
6:39 pm

Student accommodation expected to be hard hit by Covid-19 construction holdup

Nica Richards

A mindset change of the industry as a whole could contribute positively to eventually providing more university students with accommodation.

Students at Wits University march around campus, 5 February 2019, in solidarity with a group of other students partaking in a hunger strike calling on the university to listen to their demands relating to accommodation, registration fees and financial exclusion. A student was injured earlier when a scuffle broke out between security and the protesters. Picture: Michel Bega

South Africa’s already embattled construction industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many projects being forced to be put on hold. This is compounded with an expected hike in prices as losses are recouped by the industry. It could spell disaster for students without accommodation. STAG African CEO John Schooling warns that construction industry challenges will have long-term, far reaching effects, and that the situation could be “more dire than in previous years”. The reason the industry is expected to hike prices is because this is the norm when any challenge is experienced, Schooling explained. Innovation is...