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By Amanda Watson

News Editor

Meshoe’s ACPD wants to close the tap of fraud and corruption after elections

Under the ACDP, cadre deployment will be a thing of the past and capable individuals will be employed, irrespective of race, religion, creed or colour.

Until election day on 1 November, The Citizen is opening up space for political parties and independent candidates to promote themselves and their platforms – in their own in their own words.

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  • Today, the African Democratic Christian Pa

1. Complete: I believe the African Democratic Christian Party (ACDP) is the best to elect to run municipalities because ….

The ACDP has a 27-year proven track record of clean governance.

Where we have co-governed with other opposition parties, our capable and ethical councillors and MMCs have always produced sterling results by saving tax payers billions of rands and winning awards for excellent service delivery.

Our capable, honest and trustworthy candidates are well schooled in the principle of “servant leadership”, understanding their role of delivering services to those who elected them to their positions.

2. How do you intend to cut municipalities’ costs, such as excessive salaries, vehicle allowances, staff complements and the like?

The first cost-saving intervention will be a zero tolerance approach against fraud and corruption and then to utilise the municipal public account committees and internal forensic units to get rid of fruitless, wasteful and irregular expenditure.

The ACDP has always said that there should be a cap on the salaries of municipal managers and other senior positions.

Under the ACDP, cadre deployment will be a thing of the past and capable individuals will be employed, irrespective of race, religion, creed or colour.

3 How will you hold your local government representatives accountable? (How will they report to the people?)

The ACDP has a strong internal disciplinary system, which we will not hesitate to use should the need arise.

In addition we have a guardian committee, composed of senior community leaders, used to vet our representatives and also to make recommendations to our NEC should any corrective action be needed.

A monthly reporting system of our representatives activities, including community reporting and meetings, is also used to hold our representatives accountable.

4. People are broke and battling to pay their municipal bills, joblessness is at a record high. What are your plans to stimulate the local economy and help ratepayers meet their obligations?

We will encourage small business development by reducing red tape, provide support to deserving small businesses to assist them to thrive in the economy, work with and encourage entrepreneurs with a special focus on women and youth, facilitate skills development and business mentorship programmes.

We will ensure that there is fair and equal access to markets for local owners who compete with foreigner-owned businesses and we will actively promote foreign and domestic investment.

An ACDP government will consider tax incentives and tariff reprieves to those who have fallen on difficult times and will ensure that an accurate revenue collecting system is in place.

5. What are your 100 days in office goals?

  • Immediately implement systems and measures to close the tap on fraud, corruption, and wasteful expenditure.
  • Implement the recommendations of the auditor-general and ensure that the municipal public account committees function effectively.
  • Assess all service delivery backlogs and apply performance indicators with timelines to eradicate these backlogs.
  • Hold department heads accountable through a monitoring and evaluation system on the key performance
  • indicators.
  • v Meet business, civil society, the religious sector and all key role players to create an environment conducive for economic and social development.
  • Communicate the state of the municipality.
  • Compile and/or complete an accurate municipal asset register to identify low-hanging fruit for economic development.