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18 Oct 2021
6:56 am

ActionSA answers five questions about what makes them ActionSA

Amanda Watson

For the next three weeks, The Citizen is opening up space for political parties and independent candidates to promote themselves and their platforms in their own words.

Herman Mashaba speaks during a press conference at the Radisson Blu Gautrain hotel in Sandton, 6 October 2021. Picture: Neil McCartney

To level the playing field, all parties and independent candidates will answer the same five questions in a maximum of 150 words per question.

If you wish to take part, please e-mail amandaw(at)

ActionSA Q&A

Today, ActionSA speaks.

1 Complete the statement: I believe ActionSA is the best to elect to run municipalities because ….

Every South African wants to see our country succeed and our people prosper, despite the depths of national depression. ActionSA is the only political party that represents the true aspirations of all South Africans despite race, colour or creed.

Further, the party boasts an unmatched, credible, ethical and most diverse leadership that stands ready to serve the people of South Africa who deserve a government that is committed to a propoor plan of action that ensures all residents have access to quality basic services and primary healthcare.

2 How do you intend to cut municipalities costs, such as excessive salaries, vehicle allowances, staff complements and the like?

Lerato Ngobeni, ActionSA spokesperson: ActionSA will streamline municipal administration and end the era of bloated and inefficient administrations that outsource core services to tenderpreneurs.

We will cut down on millionaire managers, while insourcing and capacitating frontline staff.

We will cut expenditure on luxuries like marketing, travel and catering, to make more resources available for critical infrastructure, such as roads, water and electricity.

3 How will you hold your local government representatives accountable? (How will they report to the people?)

By establishing an internal investigative unit, we will conduct skills and lifestyle audits to end the era of corruption, maladministration and abuse of state resources.

Our skills audits will ensure the right people are appointed in appropriate positions with clearly outlined key performance Indicators. Those found to have acted unethically will be removed and replaced.

4 People are broke and battling to pay their municipal bills, and unemployment is at a record high. What are your plans to stimulate the local economy and help ratepayers meet their obligations?

Our municipalities will have dedicated business support units aiding businesses.

These units will be staffed by cross-functional and professional staff that can provide quick responses to issues preventing businesses from operating at full capacity.

We will establish one-stop shops and online business support mechanisms that allow businesses and potential investors to interact with our municipalities seamlessly.

Our municipalities must be competitive investment destinations that can attract new businesses and create jobs.

We will implement special programmes aimed at attracting and facilitating investments into our municipalities, with a focus on projects that create opportunities for long-term employment.

5 What are your goals for the first 100 days in office?

We will set the tone for zero tolerance to corruption. We will review all municipal contracts to detect any corruption. We will review the indigent register to ensure social assistance is received by the right people.

We will immediately engage home affairs to enable us to conduct a citizens’ audit to begin dealing with illegal immigration issues.

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