Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
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29 Oct 2021
8:39 am

Cast your vote and get your vaccine in one day

Nica Richards

Eligible voters who have not yet received a Covid-19 vaccine, or are due for a second Pfizer dose, can vote and get their shots on 1 November.

Voters can cast their ballots and get a Covid-19 vaccine in one trip. Pictures: IEC and Michel Bega

While South African citizens make their way to cast their ballot for the 2021 local government elections on Monday, they can also get their Covid-19 vaccine. 

This was announced by Health Minister Joe Phaahla during the department’s weekly Covid-19 media briefing. He said this was in a bid to use every opportunity to offer vaccinations. 

The partnership is in association with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). 

How will it work? 

Phaahla explained that pop-up vaccination sites will be strategically placed in the vicinity of at least 1,000 voting stations throughout the country. Not every voting station will have a vaccination site. 

The sites have been set up in areas where the uptake of the vaccine has been slow. They will be set up in the voting percent, but will be placed outside the area demarcated for voting, so as not to interfere with “the main purpose of the day”. 

To view a list of the sites to be set up on 1 November, click here.

“We hope this will offer convince, with people travelling to cast their ballots that can also get vaccinated in one trip. 

An added convenience is that the sites will be stocked with both Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Pfizer vaccines. Priority will be given to the J&J jab, as it requires, just one dose. 

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However, those who are due to receive their second Pfizer shot, or wish to opt for Pfizer instead, may also request to receive this vaccine instead. 

Just under 38% of the adult population have received at least one vaccine, with 30% now fully vaccinated. 

Vaccination and voting strategy 

The Covid-19 Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) first made a recommendation for vaccination sites to be set up at voting stations in September. 

The strategy is convenient for the millions of eligible voters expected to come out in their numbers on 1 November. 

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Even the private sector has offered various incentives for those who have received their vaccines. 

People aged 60 or older who get their first Covid-19 vaccine in November will automatically receive a R100 grocery “Vooma Voucher”. This can be redeemed at Shoprite, Checkers or U-Save supermarkets across the country. 

Nando’s has also donated R500,000 worth of food vouchers for healthcare workers. 1,000 R500 vouchers will be awarded to members of the 15 best performing pop-up vaccination site teams. 

135 vaccination teams will be spread equally in all nine provinces. Each team member will receive a voucher should they win. 

Uber is offering free rides of up to R100 for healthcare workers on election day as well.