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By Narissa Subramoney

Deputy digital news editor

Does this mean Jesus is back? SA reacts to ANC’s elections performance

Twitter users ponder the second coming of Jesus as ANC support slips below 50%.

Former president Jacob Zuma once famously said the ANC would rule South Africa until Jesus’s second coming.

This year, voters showed the governing party flames at the polls. The ANC’s support base appears to be at an all-time low. By Wednesday afternoon, the governing party’s numbers slipped below the 50% mark.

Twitter users appeared almost gleeful with the result, with many questioning if Jesus had, indeed, returned.

Twitter user Mandla Jethro said: “The ANC said it will rule until Jesus Christ comes back, wow! They even prophesied against themselves. Now the church of Jesus, the body of Christ is awake, the church of Jesus is speaking against them. They must go!

Tyrone Mkansi said, “So far the ANC is sitting at around 46% nationally. No Party can govern alone with that percentage. It seems like Jesus is here.”

“The media was feeding us lies that Cyril will carry the ANC and that he was bigger than the ANC. The ANC is struggling between 30%-40% in most metros like Johannesburg, Tshwane, Ekurhuleni NMB Ethekwini. I guess Jesus has come back and the ANC is nothing but a rural party,” said Dr Cam Modisane.

ANC the biggest loser in KZN

KZN voters gave the governing party the boot in several areas including Zuma’s hometown Nkandla, Nongoma, Ulundi and other wards that were previously lost to the ANC and have now been reclaimed by the IFP.

The DA made history when it won uMngeni municipality for the first time. The blue party also won the hotly contested area of Phoenix.

While new kid on the block and apparent kingmaker ActionSA won a ward in Newcastle.

Parties prepare for coalitions

The ANC lost support in seven out of eight metros from 2016. Coalition governments will be the new normal as the party failed to secure an outright win in the major metros.

Adding insult to injury, ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba outright rejected the notion of joining forces with the governing party.

ActionSA got the third-most votes in Johannesburg and managed to beat both the EFF and FF Plus.

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