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Zimbabwe is better off than SA – Malema

The EFF leader says the party aims to ensure resources and the economy are owned by the black majority.

At a rally in Mpumalanga on Saturday, EFF leader Julius Malema told the crowd that the EFF will “fight for the land” on behalf of South Africa’s black majority.

Speaking at the Sy Mthimunye Stadium (previously the Ackerville Stadium) in Emalahleni, the leader of the red berets told the crowd that it is the aim of his party to ensure that the economy of South Africa and its resources are “owned by black people”.

According to Malema, the situation in South Africa is better than in Zimbabwe as while both Zimbabweans and South Africans are “poor”, “they have land and you don’t”.

He added that Zimbabweans are also better “educated”.

“We do not want the resources of this land to be enjoyed by a few private individuals, we want the resources of this to be enjoyed by the people,” he told the crowd.

“We do not want better slaves, we want masters.”

“The naysayers never believed that one day the President of SA would be a black person but we had our first black president in 1994. They still do not believe that one day the economy of SA will be owned by black people but it will happen,” Malema said.

The EFF leader also made a series of economic promises.

According to Malema, the party will “double the child grant,” “double your pensions benefits” and offer free education, books and stationary.

“We do not want children who look like the suffer from malnutrition. We want our children to enjoy the monies that their parents pay through tax,” he said.

“Our elderly are taking care of their children and their grandchildren. We must assist them with taking care of their families” he added.

“The EFF has come to rescue you from poverty and oppression. We know that you live in houses that have roof leaks when it rains, we know that you do not have proper road infrastructure. We want to fix that,” he said.

(Compiled by Daniel Friedman)

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