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McFroggie: Family shocked by gruesome surprise on McDonald’s burger

The family is still waiting for an apology.

McFroggie anyone? A family’s Friday night takeout was ruined when McDonald’s Secunda included an unwanted ingredient – a dead frog.

Willem Bezuidenhout shared photos of the meal on Facebook, thanking the branch for the “not-so-wonderful surprise on my daughter’s meal”.

The family of six ordered burgers on 6 May when the couple’s 13-year-old daughter made the gruesome discovery on her McChicken-burger.

She was three bites into the burger when she turned to her dad and said: “Daddy, there’s a frog in my burger”.

Her father thought she was joking, but lo and behold, there it was.

“Ek het haar nie geglo nie en gaan kyk. So waar as vet: Daar sit die skarminkel. (Translation: I didn’t believe her at first and had a look. There’s the scoundrel)”

He said the frog was covered in mayonnaise, adding that a “feeling of shock and absolute disbelief ascended over the house like a shadow.

“You see this only in movies”, he said.

The family initially thought the frog was still alive because Willem was sure it “blinked”.

The family attempted to contact McDonald’s customer service number but claims the number was out of order.

Willem said he went to McDonald’s, only to be told by the floor manager – via telephonic from the branch manager – that the burger could not be refunded or replaced.

He said the floor manager didn’t even apologise for the incident. Instead, the blame was placed on the delivery service.

McDonald’s South Africa said in a statement that it is investigating the incident at the Secunda restaurant.

“Our commitment to serve safe food to our customers will always remain a top priority in our business,” says Daniel Padiachy, Chief Marketing, Communications, IT and Supply Chain Officer at McDonald’s South Africa.

“We take this matter very seriously and are working with all parties to ensure this is resolved,” Padiachy concluded.

Compiled by Cheryl Kahla and Narissa Subramoney.

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