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Angela Bekiaris
1 minute read
27 Jul 2018
11:32 am

8 little things you can do to feel better in just 5 minutes

Angela Bekiaris

Whether you're feeling blue or having a bad day, sometimes all you need is a quick pick-me-up.

Woman meditating on the beach.

There are simple ways to feel better when things seem to be falling apart. Try some of these:

Hang out with a pet – after all, they’re man’s best friend.

Get a massage – you’ll feel relaxed and recharged, and it will definitely improve your stress levels and in turn your mood.

Laugh – call up those who make you laugh the most, or put on your favourite TV show. Laughter is the best medicine, no matter how clichéd that sounds.

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Declutter – yes, this is a fabulous way to instantly feel calmer, say experts, so start cleaning up, whether at home or work.

Eat for a positive mood – binge eating while feeling down isn’t going to make you feel better. Instead, enjoy a nice and healthy home-cooked meal.

Rearrange some furniture – changing your environment could change your mood and help you get rid of some negative energy.

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Get some sun – there’s nothing better than a boost of vitamin D, so go for a walk, even if it’s just during your lunch hour (enough time to reboot and de-stress).

Do some yoga – or meditate if you prefer,. But relaxing the body and stretching it out will definitely brighten up your day.

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