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Impeach Judge Motata for racial remarks – tribunal

The Judicial Conduct Tribunal recommended that Motata should be removed as a judge.

Judge Nkola Motata’s conduct after his drunken accident in January 2007 has been deemed racist leading to a recommendation that he should be removed as a judge.

According to media reports, the Judicial Conduct Tribunal found that his conduct and the remarks he made at the scene of the accident were racist and “impinge on and are prejudicial to the impartiality and dignity of the courts”.

It is further reported the tribunal stated that Motata had allowed his defence to be conducted in a manner that lacked integrity during the trial which was “incompatible with or unbecoming of the holding of judicial office”.

Motata was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in 2009 and fined R20 000.

The judge smashed through Richard Baird’s wall in Hurlingham, north of Johannesburg, in January 2007.

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