‘Kelly and my son know who shot Senzo,’ says Chicco Twala

'They know who killed Senzo, my son knows, Kelly knows, everybody knows.'

In his angry rant during an interview with a news broadcaster, music mogul Ernest “Chicco” Twala has revealed that his son Longwe, songstress Kelly Khumalo, and several other people who were present in the house the day Senzo Meyiwa was killed back in 2014 know who killed the Orlando Pirates and Bafana goalkeeper.

Twala was interviewed by NewzroomAfrika on Wednesday and said that he would never protect his son if he were to be involved in the murder, but rather he would support those calling for justice even if it meant the “death sentence”.

“I think the people who know the truth, it’s my son, Kelly Khumalo, and the rest of the guys who were there,” said Twala.

“Kelly My son and the others… have conscious, someone cannot be short on their presence and they are all silent about it.

“They know who killed Senzo, my son knows, Kelly knows, everybody knows.”

Twala said that he would support the wheels of justice instead of supporting his son as much as he loved him.

“I am not going to protect my son.

I have said it before if my son is the murderer I would come out there in support of all the people who want the perpetrators to go to jail.

I will never protect him, I don’t care how I love him, I love my son but if he is part of the people who murdered Senzo definitely even if there is a death sentence I would support it.”

He went on to say he would find it strange if the people who were present on the night Senzo was killed were not called as witnesses.

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“It would definitely be strange if they are not called as witnesses, there is no other person who can tell South Africans the truth beside them.”

Twala said he received a call from Khumalo who was “traumatised” after the shooting.

Twala is out on an R2,000 bail as he is facing charges of pointing something that resembles a firearm and common assault.

He will return to court on 26 August after the case was postponed for further investigations. 

Twala had previously told Power FM that he did not believe that Meyiwa was killed by robbers.

He said at the time: “If those people can just tell the truth, let’s forget about the contradictions. Someone pulled the trigger. Someone killed Senzo that night and these six people, why are they quiet? I’m not buying the story about the robbery, personally, I don’t buy the story about the robbery. Someone knows who killed Senzo among those people. They must be arrested if needs be – all of them. I heard my son saying it was a robbery gone wrong. I would disagree with him. What if it’s a hit?”

However, he went on to tell the Sowetan later that he believed Longwe’s story about the day Meyiwa was murdered.

I believed Longwe’s story about what happened on the day Senzo was killed. He might be a junkie, but he is not violent. He does not carry a gun. If Longwe had murdered Senzo, I would have handed him over to the police.”

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