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By Faizel Patel

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‘King Mswati killed my daughter’, says Godrich Gardee

In a video, Gardee says King Mswati was angry and unleashed his foreign intelligence service with a robbery decoy to kill Hillary Gardee.

Former EFF secretary-general and attorney Godrich Gardee claims Swaziland’s monarch King Mswati III is responsible for the death of his daughter, Hillary.

Gardee shared a tweet about the allegations on Monday.

He says on 12 April 2022, four borders were closed and each for more than 6 hours.

“There was no income for Eswatini Government. King Mswati killed Hillary. The King was angry and he unleashed his foreign intelligence service with a robbery decoy and killed Hillary Gardee.”

In the tweet, which was also accompanied by a video, Gardee says he will be travelling to the Kingdom.

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“We will be in Mbabane shortly. We passed Kwangane and greeted his immigration officers. One of the officers greeted me eagerly, but I stopped and called him to order and told him that more is required from the fighters (sic).”

“His days are numbered. We are very much proud of the people of Eswatini. They have showed such unity all of them across all political parties in Eswatini, they have come here,” Gardee said in the video.

Gardee has also accused the police of conducting a “shoddy” investigation into the murder of Hillary.

“The shoddy investigation by SA Police Service is influenced by Eswatini Government to avoid diplomatic fallout. On 26 April 2016, this is what we said about the plight of people of Eswatini. Hillary is not a victim of common robbery crime.”

“The refusal by SA Police Service to handover the docket to the Hawks and the investigation to be led by Hawks is exactly to ensure that we end with a cold case and truth of Eswatini Government involvement is not unearthed,” Gardee tweeted.

Gardee also tweeted that it was not a coincidence that after they marched on 12 April to the no man’s land and disrupted the Eswatini Government immigration officers, Hillary was killed.

“17 days later, 29 April, our daughter Hillary Gardee is kidnapped, her daughter dumped and a self-styled exiled Pudemo member is arrested.”

Gardee says foreign intelligence services undermine South Africa with impunity.

“They travel all the way to assassinate dissidents. It is a common practice worldwide to assassinate opponents in foreign lands. Only an assassin gun at close range will not exit a skull. Only assassins use more than one car to execute a hit and that is what occurred of Hillary Gardee. Organised with military precision. Not a coincidence. Robbery is a decoy.”

The Citizen did contact a representative of the Eswatini government for comment on the allegations, but there was no response at the time of publishing.

Hillary went missing at the Nelspruit Plaza on 29 April.

The 28-year-old’s body was found on 3 May, in a timber plantation about 40km outside Mbombela.

Three people have been arrested for her murder.

Philemon Lukhele, Sipho Lawrence Mkhatshwa and Albert Mduduzi Gama are facing charges of murder, rape, conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and possession of illegal firearms.

The three suspects told the court they planned to plead not guilty to all the charges against them.

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