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Eswatini government hits back at King Mswati murder allegations

Now Dirco says it will seek an explanation from Eswatini after Nxumalo's comments on crime in South Africa.

Eswatini government spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo has slammed former EFF secretary-general and attorney Godrich Gardee over allegations King Mswati III is responsible for the death of his daughter, Hillary.

Hillary went missing at the Nelspruit Plaza on 29 April. The 28-year-old’s body was found on 3 May, in a timber plantation about 40km outside Mbombela.

Philemon Lukhele, Sipho Lawrence Mkhatshwa and Albert Mduduzi Gama are facing charges of murder, rape, conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and possession of illegal firearms.

They plan to plead not guilty to all the charges against them.

On Monday, Gardee took to social media, accusing King Mswati of being responsible for his daughter’s death following the EFF’s march earlier this year.

Gardee tweeted that it was not a coincidence that after they marched on 12 April, disrupting the Eswatini Government immigration officers, Hillary was killed.

“17 days later, 29 April, our daughter Hillary Gardee is kidnapped, her daughter dumped and a self-styled exiled Pudemo member is arrested.”

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In an interview with Sakina Kamwendo on SAFM on Tuesday, Nxumalo said he would not “dignify” Gardee’s allegations with a response, before tearing into the attorney for regarding himself “too highly politically”.

“Our government does not have a history of running after people, taking people down because they toyi toyi at the border because of their political beliefs. I don’t know why Mr Gardee regards himself so highly politically. These claims have got absolutely no truth in them and our government cannot dignify it by giving it comment,” said Nxumalo.

He said as a parliamentarian, Gardee should focus on bringing a legislation that will reduce the levels of crime in South Africa instead of coming up with “conspiracy theories” about his daughter’s death.

“Mr Gardee must allow the justice system of the Republic of South Africa to unfold. The matter is oending before court in his own country. There are suspects that are in court as a result of this criminal matter of Mr Gardee’s daughter. It’s a very unfortunate development in South Africa, but not a new one because South Africa is infested with a cancer of criminality from head to toe.

“Mr Gardee, as a parliamentarian, should be working on bringing legislation that will reduce the level of crime in South Africa instead of constructing conspiracy theories about how his own daughter fell victim of a criminal infested atmosphere in the republic.”

But Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) spokesperson Clayson Monyela says the department will contact the Eswatini government to explain some of the comments made by Nxumalo.

“We’ll use diplomatic channels to seek an explanation from the Kingdom of Eswatini regarding this unfortunate statement by their spokesperson. No country is immune from crime. That’s why we all have criminal justice systems. We won’t tolerate insults,” tweeted Monyela.

Compiled by Vhahangwele Nemakonde