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LISTEN: Casting boss calls black actors ‘Afs’, ‘c*nts’, useless; tells them to ‘f**k off’

WARNING: Strong language. In a sound clip compilation, Mary Ann Miller can be heard telling actors they need to get over their 'revolution kak'.

Casting agency owner Mary Ann Miller is in the middle of a nasty racial head-to-head with actress Gugu Xofa.

Miller, who supplies extras to SABC 3 soapie Isidingo, is accused of making racial slurs, according to a Sowetan report.

In a sound clip compilation from WhatsApp group voice notes republished by the title, Miller – who owns Talent Agencies – can be heard saying she was not responsible (historically) for what happened to Xofa between their forefathers.

“Fit in or f**k off – those are my very good words … I am only willing to help people that are rational and straight in their mind. Don’t come with history and all this sh*t, it’s not my problem. If it’s your problem, go and take a freaking Aids test or something. Other than that, stick by my back and you’ll get work. Other than that, not … bye bye.”

In another clip, she demanded that people speak English because it’s a “universal language” – otherwise, “f**k off you Af”. She also mocked African languages.

Other choice phrases included:

  • “You are black and it means that your skin is black. I am white because my skin is white. Why do we have to fight about this all the time?”
  • “You guys clearly do not get work, that is why you are frustrated on another group or something. If you have acting ability, you would be in an acting agency. Other than that you are just useless f**king people who sit on the street.”
  • “Without us you would not get jobs.”
  • “Don’t send messages, go sleep in your little cave. Maybe you can ask Mandela to resurrect you.
  • No more from my side. I am only helping my friends …
  • This is revolution k*k. You typical Afs … Go and live your own life or your grandfathers. Don’t make us your problem because of past revolutions. F**k you all.”

She also referred to certain people on the group as “c*nts” after they apparently didn’t seem grateful for an offer of work despite her admitting it wasn’t a good rate.

Miller, when, confronted, said she had not meant everything she said in the voice notes adding that she was not racist and did not have a problem with black people.

“I have black friends even where I stay. I buy them wine. I always try to help them. If I have offended anyone, I am sorry. I did not mean everything I said.”

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