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Sonwabile Antonie
2 minute read
19 Feb 2018
4:25 pm

Family finds black mamba in their Randburg home

Sonwabile Antonie

Black mamba in the concrete jungle.

The snake handler with a 2.5 metre black mamba.

Denielle Bamber and her family had a lucky escape recently after a 2.5 metre black mamba snake was found in their garden, Randburg Sun reports.

Although the snake did not attack any humans, it claimed the life of Bamber’s six-month-old kitten Rose.

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Rose passed away after an encounter with a black mamba.

Rose passed away after an encounter with a black mamba.

The incident occurred on 9 February when Bamber returned from work in the afternoon and found Rose crying and salivating from her mouth.

“I rushed her to the vet which is 2km away from my house but unfortunately she died in my arms just as we arrived.

It was a very traumatic experience and at the time, I did not understand what had happened. Even the veterinarian did not know what had killed Rose as she did not exhibit any signs of being poisoned,” said Bamber.

After a traumatic day, Bamber and her family went away and returned home on Sunday.

Bramber’s children were playing in the yard while a family friend spotted the snake approaching the gate and thanks to her quick wits, used a water hose to spray the snake and divert its direction.

“The snake then disappeared into the nearest bushes and we called a snake handler to come and assist. The snake was found and the handler positively identified it as a black mamba. I am now able to make sense of my little kitty Rose’s passing and I am just thankful that no children or other animals were harmed.

“My little Rose will never be forgotten and died a champion.”

Snake expert Mike Perry said it is rare to find a black mamba in the city as it is usually found in Mpumalanga and northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Perry said, “It is likely that someone from Sundowner or a surrounding area was visiting the Kruger National Park when the snake hid in the vehicle’s engine as a stowaway for example.

Although its bite is the deadliest in Africa, the black mamba seldom attacks people. A black mamba might have a small and slender head but it packs a punch.”

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