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Riaan van Zyl
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27 Mar 2018
1:52 pm

‘We’ll rape your baby!’ armed robber tells Roodepoort mother

Riaan van Zyl

One of the intruders took her baby from her at gunpoint and ordered her into another room.

A young girl's parents have been accused of prostituting her for money.

A 22-year-old woman from Florida Park, Roodepoort, has endured one of the worst ordeals any mother could imagine during an armed robbery on 18 March, Roodepoort Record reports.

The woman, her boyfriend and their 10-month-old baby daughter live with the boyfriend’s parents. She asked to remain anonymous and that her street address not be revealed.

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On the day in question, at about 7am, the boyfriend’s mother went out to feed the dogs just before she was to leave with her husband. She found it strange that the dogs did not come to her, even after calling them.

She then saw the men at the lapa. They had already rounded up her husband at the car and took him back into the house.

The young mother and her boyfriend were in their room with their baby when the young woman heard the older woman shout: “What are you doing here?” She assumed she was shouting at the dogs, but asked her boyfriend to check. He saw some of the men entering the room. At this stage, his parents were being held in another room in the house.

The men, wearing masks, were armed with firearms and knives.

They tied up the boyfriend and wanted to know where the jewellery was. The young mother told them that due to a skin condition she did not wear jewellery.

They then asked for money and where the safe was. She said she and her boyfriend had moved in only recently and did not know where the safe was.

She also told them that she was unemployed and did not have money. The man told her that he was going to rape her baby if she was lying.

One of the intruders then took her baby from her at gunpoint and ordered her into another room. He and another attacker dropped her baby onto the bed and tied her. He told her he was going to show her what he was going to do to the baby. He pulled down the little girl’s pants down and started unbuckling his belt.

At that moment, the boyfriend’s cellphone alarm went off, causing the men to panic and flee, believing it was a phone call and that someone might be at the gate or door.

Although the family came off physically unscathed, all their belongings, except their furniture, as well as their two vehicles were stolen.

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