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Keroshini Paltu
1 minute read
21 Dec 2018
8:16 am

Loyal pet parrot follows bride to new home

Keroshini Paltu

A local woman’s loyal pet parrot flew to her new marital home after not seeing her for four days, despite never having been to the home before.

Zazo the African Grey Parrot.

22-year-old Kaneez Sakey got married on December 8, and had moved to her in-laws’ home in Loop Street, Pietermaritzburg, about 10 doors away from her family’s catering business.

Kaneez’s father, Goolam Sakey, owner of Kaneez Catering, said the family didn’t realise the parrot Zazo was so attached to Kaneez that after not seeing her at home for four days, she flew away from their business premises to Kaneez’s new home, Sakey told Pietermaritzburg Public Eye.

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The Sakeys bought Zazo when she just a few weeks old from a breeder and hand-reared her over the past seven years. Until their daughter left home, Zazo had never flown away from the family.

“We take her to work with us every day and when she took flight, we all became frantic with worry and spent about four hours searching for her. My wife Fiona was in tears over Zazo’s disappearance. Business came to a halt and all our staff were out looking for Zazo. A few hours later, we received a call from my daughter’s in-laws saying they suspected that a parrot that had arrived in their yard, was in fact Zazo.

“We were so relieved to find her. It is unbelievable that Zazo knew exactly where to go since she has never been to my daughter’s in-laws home before,” said Sakey.

Zazo is currently back with the Sakey family at their home.

Kaneez is on honeymoon in the Maldives and when she returns, Zazo will decide where she wants to live.

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