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Malema would far rather be a farmer than a politician

The EFF leader says the only reason he subjects himself to abuse and 'torture' in parliament is because the ANC is letting the nation down.

EFF leader Julius Malema said in an interview with the SABC on Friday that his party’s existence was solely because the ANC had failed at being radical enough.

Once nationalisation could kick in for banks, mines, the land and so on, and the ruling party effectively combated corruption, there would be no reason for the EFF to exist, he explained.

“This EFF will close shop … because the ANC will be implementing exactly what South Africans are expecting from a caring organisation.”

He said the DA would, however, survive because “it is based on whiteness” and “whites will gather around a party” that would “protect their privilege”. He said the DA “remains exactly” a racist organisation, and he remained conscious of that despite installing the party into power in major metros following last year’s elections. He claimed that had been a strategic move.

Those parties standing for radical economic transformation would, however, become irrelevant. He disputed the idea that the EFF would merge with the ANC.

He said that leaders in the EFF would probably give up politics entirely. Party spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi would become “a Wits lecturer” and Malema said “we [the rest of them] will go into farming”.

“The EFF will only continue to exist for as long as the ANC betrays African people.”

He defended his strategy of siding with the DA in major metros, because it was “delivering results”.

“Now everyone speaks about the land, because of the EFF’s strategy.”

He said the lesson that had been driven home was that if black leaders failed to listen to him, then they could lose power to “the most racist organisation”, the DA.

He said the EFF had proven it hadn’t been self-seeking. They gave the DA votes, and then “stood on the side” without asking for positions.

“We are not married to the DA; we are just flirting. Those votes [of the EFF’s] are still available.”

He lauded the DA for “doing the right thing” in their case against the dropping of charges against Zuma. He said they wouldn’t just run to join that “winnable case”, though, as the DA had done with joining the EFF’s challenge against Zuma at the Constitutional Court that sought to stop Zuma from dodging the public protector’s finding that he should repay the costs of nonsecurity upgrades at Nkandla.

“We support them [in the matter to reinstate 783 corruption charges against Zuma].”

He offered his votes to the ANC last week in exchange for changing the constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

He said the EFF “believes in science” and would be responsive to material conditions and adapt accordingly, which was why they had made an attempt in a by-election to win power in Metsimahulo, Free State.

“The EFF is not a religion.”

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