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WATCH: Malema wants EFF and DA to resign en masse from parly

The EFF leader says it may be time to have the fifth democratic parliament dissolved.

In an interview on Friday with the SABC, EFF leader Julius Malema said he has been in talks with the DA to discuss the en masse resignation of MPs from both parties so that Parliament can be dissolved.

In an interview with the SABC’s Aldrin Sampear, Malema told him the party would be willing to use this strategy in light of the failure of the Speaker of Parliament, Baleka Mbete to hold President Jacob Zuma accountable.

The EFF offered its 6% of the vote to the ANC last week, only for the party’s MPs to turn it down. This has divided the ANC.

Malema says his offer remains on the table.

He said he was considering the idea of having parliament dissolved by getting opposition parties to resign en masse.

He said “revolution is not like a birthday party … you have to work for it … you have to ensure everybody else is convinced that there is no other option”.

He said that even in the ANC, there were many MPs who thought that what was happening was “not right … in a democracy led by moral people … we should have said: ‘Guys, the decision of the Constitutional Court effectively means that we are no longer a legitimate body to hold anyone accountable, based on this constitution that we have violated. Therefore we must resign, call early elections and [perhaps] come back … as a sixth parliament … that can hold anyone accountable.’”

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