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Man hit by bus may be the ‘greatest video’ of 2018

If you think that watching man and bus collide is not entertaining, think again.

WARNING: The video clip included in this article contains strong language. It also contains a man getting hit by a bus.

While watching a man getting hit by a bus may not seem like it would be great entertainment, a video that is currently doing the rounds has been hailed as one of the most entertaining this year.

“This video has to be the greatest video in 2018. Top 2 for sure,” said one Twitter user, who shared the video, which has amassed over 120,000 views from his tweet at the time of publication of this article, and many more from other accounts who have shared it.


In the video, a very excited man is seen walking with his friends and saying “Ok guys, we are f*****g taking left. Ok, there’s a f*****g bus!” He then excitedly screams and waves his head around rather than getting out of the bus’s way, leading to it unsurprisingly hitting him.

No description can do it justice though. The video really must be watched.

The man appears to still be conscious and can be heard speaking after the bus hit, meaning that he is most likely ok and the video can be laughed at guilt-free.

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