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Mpofu: Don’t be so unkind to Rev Maimane, he’s just a ‘puppet’

The advocate has 'defended' the DA leader, saying people should go easy on him as he is not a politician but a priest.

South Africans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the DA’s recent move to table a motion to have parliament dissolved and call for an early election following the no-confidence motion in President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday.

The party’s leader, Mmusi Maimane, has received criticism for the move, with poet Ntsiki Mazwai calling him a sellout for wanting the DA to govern South Africa.

“We cannot be a majority led by a minority, that is insanity,” she said.

The same DA that he was fighting so hard for to govern the country was a “virus” to the nation.

According to the poet, Maimane would have been necklaced in the apartheid era for “putting a necklace around the whole black nation”, further claiming he was “power hungry”.

“F*ck Mmusi,” she said.

His actions proved he was “worse” than President Jacob Zuma and former president Nelson Mandela, who apparently sold out the country.

“Mmusi is the white people’s puppet.”

She further backed down bit, saying the DA leader probably meant no harm, but just wanted to lead. The only problem was that he was not the DA as he was “very replaceable”.

The poet has previously said EFF leader Julius Malema had shown that he would make a worse president than Zuma – now we just need to figure out who would be worse between Malema and Maimane.

However, EFF national chairperson Dali Mpofu has “defended” Maimane against the harsh words he has received on social media, urging people not to be so unkind to the reverend.

According to Mpofu, Maimane was just a priest, and not a polititian.

“He is just a priest, a puppet and a tool,” he said.

His party has, however, not been so kind to the “priest” following his proposed motion. In a statement, the EFF told the DA to “stop wasting parliament’s time” if the party meant business.

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