Omotoso trial: First witness says she never gave consent to any sexual encounters

Diko gave chilling testimony of what transpired as soon as she arrived at the house after being recruited.

WARNING: This story contains sensitive details and testimony of a sexual nature

As first witness Andisiwe Dike continues her testimony in the rape trial of Timothy Omotoso in the Eastern Cape High Court on day two of the trial, she detailed how she and other girls were recruited to stay at Omotoso’s Jesus Dominion International Durban mission house while conducting strange acts to the satisfaction of Omotoso.

The court heard how Omotoso became more blatant in his requests around 2016, while even going as far as shaming the girls during church services.

According to Diko, the church was defensive when rumours of sexual misconduct against Omotoso surfaced following his arrest.

Diko admitted to going to rehab and was admitted on a 21-day programme as her life did not get better as a result of her being in the mansion, as she initially thought it would.

Her life was on a downward spiral as it was not “easy” adjusting after her life in the Omotoso mansion. The mission was later shut down and Omotoso’s wife Taiwo allegedly sent money for them to go home.

The court heard how Taiwo was never at the mansion and how Diko did not consent to any of the sexual encounters with Omotoso.

Omotoso and his co-accused Lusanda Sulani and Zukiswa Sitho face around 63 charges ranging from sexual assault and racketeering to human trafficking.

On Monday, Diko gave chilling testimony of what transpired as soon as she arrived at the house after being recruited.

“While I was massaging him, he said I can do anything I want, touch anything I want.”

She added she massaged his knees and feet, and that Omotoso then lifted her by her rib section and flipped her over “then he instructed me to take off my underwear”.

“Take off your underwear, I won’t enter, he instructed me.”

Dike said he got directly on top of her and she could feel his penis, then he started moving while on top of her.

He then stopped briefly, told her to “relax” and “be yourself” then continued.

“I could feel him rubbing his penis on my womanhood, all the way down to the entrance of my vagina…” she slowly narrated, her voice going faint, as she explained.

“I don’t know how long it took for him to finish doing what he was doing.

“And then he told me to go and get a towel and also take his boxer shorts and put them in the washing basket,” she said, adding that she was wet in the genital area.

(Additional reporting News24)

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