Outrage surrounds book claiming top ANC officials ‘killed the boer’

The EFF say AfriForum 'is mad' and 'sick', while even an expert whose research helped to 'inform' the book says he doesn't agree with all of it.

Kill The Boer, a book that politicians have labelled as racial populism, is being launched tomorrow by minority interest group AfriForum.

The book, according to its author and the deputy CEO of AfriForum, Ernst Roets, claims politicians and government have been complicit in the proliferation of farm murders, which the organisation believes are racially motivated.

Excerpts obtained by The Citizen from the book’s original manuscript detail shocking accusations, comparing the EFF to an “ethnic cleanser” and relaying an alleged murder plot by the ANC to “scare” white farmers off “their” land.

Roets said he could not confirm whether the excerpts were in fact from his book, but in the same breath vowed to find the people who “leaked” the pages and institute legal action against them.

The controversial book by AfriForum deputy CEO Ernst Roets, which will be published tomorrow, 28 June 2018.

One of the pages relays a conversation between an alleged ANC member and AfriForum.

“He then said that the leadership of the ANC was fully aware of the farm attacks and were also involved.”

The so-called informant goes on to explain that he received orders from the ANC’s “top six” to murder a specific farmer.

“They did so because they wanted to send a message to white farmers and to scare them off their land.”

Renowned crime expert Johan Burger said that, while he did not endorse the book, he agreed that his research could be used in the book, because he agreed with the sentiment that farm murders were a serious criminal issue. He conceded, however, that certain elements of the book were “less than agreeable” to him.

The EFF has described the excerpts seen as “sick”.

After seeing extracts from the book, EFF deputy secretary-general Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi, said: “AfriForum are sick people who are hell-bent to twist the facts that 72% of land is owned by white people and it’s due to land dispossession that happened during colonial times.”

In response to the claims that the party is attempting to ethnically cleanse white farmers, she said: “They are mad.”

South African National Civic Organisation spokesperson Jabu Mahlangu said he was concerned about the narrative the book was employing, saying it would likely spark further racial tensions.

He said he knew for a fact that the accusation that the ANC was involved in farm murders was preposterous.

“Such hype and sensationalism could actually lead to resentment, and that puts the country in a dangerous position.”

DA federal executive member Thomas Walters said he was concerned that such “racial populism” was not representative of the reality experienced by most South Africans.


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