Eric Naki
Political Editor
3 minute read
19 Jan 2021
5:00 am

DA court action ‘will fail’

Eric Naki

‘Tax lost through tobacco, booze bans could have paid for vaccine programme.'

DA leader John Steenhuisen. Picture: Veli Nhlapo

While the Democratic Alliance (DA) is preparing to take the government to court over its alleged failure to timeously secure the Covid-19 vaccine and for its inadequate roll-out strategy, a political analyst believes it would be difficult for the opposition party to prove negligence. DA leader John Steenhuisen on Monday revealed his party’s intention to sue the government unless Pretoria came up with a clear plan on how it was going to remedy this shortfall. He said the government had failed to acquire sufficient vaccines or devised a proper roll-out plan to fight the pandemic. The party’s lawyers had written...