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By Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Digital Deputy News Editor

I’m glad you proved them wrong, Ramaphosa tells delegates at ANC conference

Ramaphosa urged the delegates to be as determined in renewing and rebuilding the ANC.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has lauded African National Congress (ANC) delegates at the Eastern Cape conference for being “disciplined”.

“Many thought the conference would descend into chaos and even some of the newspapers had the headlines saying so. I’m glad you proved them wrong. The commitment and resolute determination you comrades showed ensured that this conference took place,” said Ramaphosa during his closing address on Monday.

Ramaphosa urged the delegates to be as determined in renewing and rebuilding the ANC.

“This is the year of conferences and congresses for our movement and we must use all these important organisational events to strengthen unity and renewal of the ANC. The intensity of the leadership contests at our conferences should not preclude us from moving forward as a united and strong organisation.

“We should always remember that we seek leadership of our movement in order to better fulfill the ANC’s mission of building a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa.All our efforts and endeavours must be geared towards achieving these objectives of the National Democratic Revolution. Here in the Eastern Cape, the birthplace and home of some of our movement’s greatest leaders, we must ensure that the ANC continues to lead.”

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The ANC will continue to lead in the province if members increase the people’s trust, said Ramaphosa. He urged the ANC leaders in the province to move with “greater speed” to address the poor and ageing infrastructure.

“There are plans and programmes in place to improve the province’s road infrastructure and these must be accelerated.

“It is important that members of the ANC debate and discuss policy proposals with the same fierceness and dedication with which they approach leadership contests. The policies we put forward must give hope to the people of South Africa that our movement is still the best agent of change. The people must be convinced that the ANC is their best agent to create a better life for all.”

Ramaphosa further reiterated the need to continue with the renewal of the party that he previously called “accused number 1” in corruption.

“We must shore up our capacity, honestly identify and correct our weaknesses and revitalise our public image. Ill-discipline, factionalism and other deviant tendencies continue to plague our movement. This movement must be principled and decisive in dealing with instances of ill-discipline, sowing divisions and all ills that bedevil organisational ethos and processes. Our leaders must be the most advanced cadres of our movement and be exemplary in their conduct, integrity and their commitment to the people’s cause. The ANC is bigger than all of us. We must, at all times, place the interests of the organisation before our personal interests.”