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By Karabo Motsiri Mokoena

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Kwinana welcomes investigations amid damning state capture report findings

The findings of the commission suggest that Kwinana be charged with fraud and corruption.

Former South African Airways (SAA) board member and Technical board chair Yakhe Kwinana says she welcomes any investigations of her amid recent findings of the state capture report.

The Zondo commission has recommended that she be charged with corruption and fraud, following an investigation into her and former SAA chair Dudu Myeni.

The first part of the commission’s report was released on Tuesday, and suggested that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) investigate the possible involvement of Kwinana and Myeni in corruption and fraud during their time at SAA.

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The findings of the commission revealed that the two in question, along with other board members of SAA, abused their power during their tenure at the institution.

They “caused sustained damage to out national airline,” reads the report.

“They bullied officials within SAA who tried to resist their unlawful conduct. They created a climate so intolerable for many personnel that they left the airline or were forced out only to be replaced by more pliant employees.”

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica) has, in a statement, revealed they have implemented an investigation against members implicated in the report, including Kwinana.

“Saica can confirm that it is already investigating the allegations against Ms. Kwinana and, as prescribed in Saica’s revised by-law which came into effect on 1 June 2020.

“Saica has afforded her an opportunity to make representations to Saica following previous media reports after she appeared in front of the Zondo Commission in November 2020.

“To date no such response has been received. Saica is unable to comment further on this ongoing investigation at this stage,” reads the statement.

In a tweet posted on 7 January 2022, Kwinana mentioned that she welcomed the investigations of her by the prosecuting authority, Saica and SARS.

“By the way, these will add to the numerous investigations done against me before in an effort to try find fault. These wars are not mine to fight. No weapon formed against me shall prosper,” the tweet read.

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