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By Marizka Coetzer


No good news for ANC from numerologist

Says the age of the ANC as a political party tells her they’re not going to gain ground.

It seems the odds and the numbers are not in favour of the African National Congress (ANC), with the municipal elections around the corner.

Saying it was going to be an intense voting day on Monday, numerologist Sandy Smith drew up predictions of the outcomes of the various parties, based on the day the party was officially registered and calculating a life path number.

“Things were not looking good for the ANC, who was officially registered on 3 February, 1990. The date adds up to double hidden fives, which meant internal power games and financial mismanagement and politicking,” she said.

Smith said the age of the ANC as a political party tells her they’re not going to gain ground.

“They are going to lose their position and title and office. So if the ANC was a person and they were working, their position would be moved closer to the exit door.”

Smith said with the ANC turning 32 years old next year, it adds up to five, which meant there was more bad undisclosed corrupt activity going to be exposed next year.

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“Let me tell you something else, Ace Magashule is still going to put his name up as president of the ANC.”

She said it wasn’t looking any better for the Democratic Alliance (DA), according to the party’s numerology. The DA was officially registered on 24 June, 2000, which calculated to five as a life path number along with double hidden threes.

“This indicates they were also not going to gain ground and also predicted that the party would undergo restructuring next year. There is a loss of wards; it will not be a good day for the DA at all.”

Smith said one of the parties that will have a good election day was the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

“The EFF might do better than people expect.”

Smith, however, said the EEF’s official day of registration was 26 July, 2013, which calculated an 11 life path. “It indicates loss and separation, which they already did when they got rid of the members who weren’t paying their membership fees.”

She warned the 11 also meant there was an internal division with lots of legal action on the way.