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By Eric Naki

Political Editor

‘Nothing new’ expected from Ramaphosa’s Sona

Analyst says Thursday’s Sona will be no different, as it will be the same old song by himself and his predecessors.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s indecisiveness will leave him with a legacy of unfulfilled promises – and Thursday’s State of the Nation Address (Sona) will be no different, as it will be the same old song by himself and his predecessors.

This is according to United Democratic Movement president Bantu Holomisa and political analyst Prof Lesiba Teffo about Ramaphosa’s Sona to be delivered at the Cape Town City Hall tonight.

“[Ramaphosa] always had a plan but no implementation, yet his government failed to act while the country had been stripped of its economic infrastructure in daylight robbery by thugs,” said Holomisa.

Teffo said unless Ramaphosa took unpopular decisions, he would fail to bring any change. “I look forward to the day President Ramaphosa takes unpopular decisions. Great and impactful leaders always take unpopular decisions and are prepared to live with the consequences,” he said.

Teffo said as a result of his repetition, people had lost their appetite for empty promises by the ANC on jobs, economic growth and better life for all. No action on racism would also leave him a bad legacy.

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“I would be happy to hear the president talk about something new rather than repeat the same song. I will be happy to hear him acknowledge that this is more polarised now that it was in 1994.

“He must ask the people to live the values of our constitution such as nation-building, reconciliation and social cohesion,” he said.

The country was polarised, with the current leadership responsible for that because of the language and rhetoric they use. Teffo said Ramaphosa should info How much the Gauteng government owes…

  • As at June 2020, the total debt owed by the Gauteng government to its municipalities was R876 million.
  • Of this sum, 21% was owed to local municipalities.
  • The remaining 79% was owed to metropolitan municipalities. vigorously speak for the minorities while addressing the concerns of the marginalised, such as unemployment and various forms of deprivation.

Thursday’s Sona would be delivered in “exile” because parliament was forced to leave its original seat due to a fire.

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