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WATCH: Dudu Myeni donates food to Zuma as more people expected to visit Nkandla

While Myeni's gesture has been appreciated by some, including the former president's daughter Dudu Zuma-Sambudla, others criticised her.

Former South African Airways (SAA) and Jacob Zuma Foundation chairperson Dudu Myeni is the latest to visit former president Jacob Zuma in Nkandla to show her support.

Myeni visited Nkandla on Saturday and thanked the former president for being a great leader, who continues to lead his people with wisdom.

But unlike others who went to Nkandla for tea, Myeni donated food to her former employer to ensure those who are yet to visit are well fed.

Zuma on Sunday said there was still plenty of tea available for those who wanted to visit his Nkandla home.

“Don’t worry, the tea is still there to be used by those who want to come to Nkandla. Don’t worry, they can come, we’ll have it,” Zuma said, speaking during a virtual umrhabulo round table organised by the ANC, themed Social cohesion and the national question.

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During her visit, Myeni said she wanted Zuma to continue hosting visitors without worrying about what to feed them.

She said: “It’s a great pleasure and honour for me to have known you for a number of years – over two decades. Baba the other pleasure was to know you in the workplace as well and serving you in your foundation.

“But today I came here for nothing but to say to you I see you continue to host people eNkandla, I see people are coming in large numbers but what I have been observing as a woman is that you continue to dine with them and you still are happy to host people as you always say that you love people and it shows in how you interact with them.

“We appreciate your leadership and lessons we’ve learnt from you. All I’m saying to you today is that as a pensioner who has no shares in any mining company, that we know very well from the sufferings of the Zuma Foundation, I said let me come and give the little that we can afford with my family to say please continue during your pension years that God has given you to enjoy your people, to continue to serve them and to continue to lead us because we still want to take from your wisdom. Thank you very much.”

Thank you Mam Dudu for your continued support and loyalty to @PresJGZuma and the family. When we look around, we still see you there. We love you and your family. We acknowledge and appreciate your kind gesture, as the road and feet to #Nkandla have increased. pic.twitter.com/IK83NeYtUU

— Dudu Zuma-Sambudla (@DZumaSambudla) February 27, 2021

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While Myeni’s gesture has been appreciated by some, including the former president’s daughter Dudu Zuma-Sambudla, others criticised her.

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