Narissa Subramoney
8 minute read
16 Jul 2021
6:32 pm

Never a coup, but citizens’ distrust of police and military justified

Narissa Subramoney

Public trust in cops is justifiably low, and concerns that some in the military are Zuma loyalists are justified, but cool heads are needed.

Soldiers warm up next to a fire in Alexandra. Photo: Amanda Watson/The Citizen

After days of private citizens clashing with looters and taking up arms, there are concerns that the insurrection may have been instigated with the sole intention to destabilise the current government. Violent riots, which began last week in protest of former President Jacob Zuma’s incarceration, quickly spiraled into one of the biggest looting sprees in the country’s history. At least 117 people have since died from the violence, and preliminary assessments of the damage and looting stand at an estimated R16-billion. Disappointing Police and Army Response Residents on the frontlines of several community patrol groups in KwaZulu-Natal have expressed their...