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SA is shocked the ANC is ‘shocked’ about corruption

The irony that it is the ruling party's deployees who are linked to most of the grand-scale looting of the state was lost on very few.

Twitter was unimpressed on Wednesday at reports that the ANC was crying both ignorance and innocence about the “scourge of corruption”, which so often involves public officials that turn out to be ANC deployees.

Everyone from fellow politicians and celebrities tweeted about the disingenuousness of the ANC’s “shock”, with author Zakes Mda asking: “ANC shocked by the scale of corruption.” WTF? On whose watch did it happen? Are these not their cadres & deployees? Was the ANC not in SA over the years when media relentlessly exposed rampant corruption? Didn’t ANC insult & condemn those who exposed it? Really wtf?”

When the ANC appointed corruption-convicted Tony Yengeni as the chairperson to lead a discussion in a group about fighting crime and corruption and controversial former North West premier Supra Mahumapelo was announced as the head of its political school, the irony was just too much for some.

The article that led to much of the reaction appeared in The Star this week, with the ANC apparently saying it was “shocked” by the scale of corruption in the state, admitting that it had been losing the battle to combat graft because of “powerful individuals” who had still “managed to loot government coffers”.

As part of its response to this “shocking” corruption, the ANC has “vowed to take a tougher stance on corruption as part of its election campaign, with measures including subjecting public servants and senior politicians to lifestyle audits”.

The ANC is planning how it will win support for re-election next year.

In its own research, the ANC has “admitted that in spite of creating institutions such as the Hawks and the Special Investigating Unit, there has been an increase in corruption cases”.

The line “we are shocked by the scale of corruption and the allegations of state capture, which we are determined to root out”, really had South Africans raising their eyebrows, despite the fact that the party has once again promised tough action against culprits.

“We will use Parliament, commissions, investigators and the courts to get to the bottom of the problem and deal with the offenders. As the ANC, we will take strong action against any of our leaders guilty of corruption.

“It is unacceptable that parts of the state have been used to serve personal interests,” the party said.

However, not everyone was buying it. Take a look below:




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