Twitter furious at 702’s article: Six dumbest things ‘black’ people do

The radio came under fire for their images coupled with a story on using money wisely.

Radio station 702 has come under fire for images they have used in one of their articles titled Six dumbest things people in their 20s do with money.

The radio station appears to be using images with only black people as their lead images supporting their advice to people.

(The link may be taken down)

An interview by The Money Show host Bruce Whitfield speaking to Sam Beckbessinger, author of Manage your money like a grownup, provides handy tips for young people to have some left over pocket change at the end of the month.

The 6 dumbest things people in their 20s do with their money according to the radio station are:

  • Buying a car after getting a raise or some windfall.
  • Relying on a credit card.
  • Using store cards.
  • Not saving for retirement.
  • Falling for get-rich-quick schemes.
  • Buying stuff rather than experiences.

This great advice appears to have been ignored as social media users were angered at the demographic representation.

Two images supporting the headline “6 dumbest things people in their 20s do with money” appear to have an all-black cast.

This appears to have rubbed many the wrong way, including Economic Freedom Fighters spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, who said: “So they are all black people, majority of which are black females… mxm!

This was followed by many other users questioning the radio station’s message.

Others believed the information in the article was informative and advised people to be less sensitive and instead try to learn something from the article.

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